quadrus logoInvestment Philosophy

Understanding risk as essential to investment success

  • Help you to realize your tolerance for risk
  • Find you investments that fit your risk profile


Providing access to a wide variety of quality managers with different investment styles tailored to meet your needs

  • Give you access to a wide variety of different options
  • Guide you through the decision-making process to help simplify your choice


Helping to create the strategic asset allocation best for you

  • Stick with the asset mix that fits your risk and return profile
  • Stay invested in your assets
  • Avoid time-consuming and stressful market-timing strategies


Focusing on long-term growth and capital preservation

  • Inform you regularly on progress towards your goals
  • Provide the advice and resources that you need to be successful


Building wealth in a comprehensive manner that will drive the right benefits for you

  • Address the unique strategies for each portion of your portfolio
  • Provide you with access to many types of investments that fit your needs

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Insurance products, including segregated fund policies are offered through Moore Wrinn Financial Group Inc., and Kirk Wrinn, Jim Moore, Jean Boisvert and Mike Vincent offer mutual funds through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.