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Kirk Wrinn

In financial services since 1995, Kirk and the Moore Wrinn team are dedicated to helping clients make financial decisions that are optimally beneficial to their long-term goals. Kirk completed the Canadian Securities Course and obtained his Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation in 1998, supplementing his Bachelor of Administration degree from the University of Ottawa.

He has served with the Ottawa chapter of Advocis, the Financial Advisor’s Association of Canada, including as director of education from 1998 to 2003 and director of publication awareness in 2004. He is currently supporting the advocacy committee which represents members and their clients’ concerns to provincial and federal governments. Kirk was also a recipient of the 2010 Ottawa Business Journal’s Top Forty Under 40.


Kirk and his wife Sandra are proud parents of three exuberant young children: Jacob, Nicholas, and Caleb. Like many Moore Wrinn clients, Kirk stays actively engaged in his community and regularly volunteers for various charitable committees, especially as a Board Member of the CHEO Foundation (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario). When he makes time for himself, he enjoys travelling, playing golf, and just hanging out with his family. Kirk remains focused and compassionate in all aspects of his life, and as a Certified Financial Planner, he continuously offers his clients attentiveness, and comprehensive quality service.

CFP, B. Admin.

Partner, Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

613-224-8452 ext 223

Jim moore

Jim has been helping clients make fincancial decisions for over 36 years.

It all started with a decision he made on his way to buy a Tim Horton’s franchise, where he met a financial advisor. After hearing what this Advisor did and what impact he made on people’s lives, it was clear to Jim that this was the right career for him. Jim had been a Teacher, Vice Principal and Principal, which is why, when you speak with Jim you will quickly realize that he was and still is a great educator.

Over the years Jim has built a business that has made a positive difference in people’s financial lives. He has an established clientele in Ottawa; communities in the Ottawa Valley and beyond.

Jim formed a partnership in 2007 forming the Moore Wrinn Financial Group Inc. Jim believes in providing excellent service and advice. His focus is to Build, Protect and Conserve Wealth for his clients.


Partner, Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

613-224-8452 ext 226

Jean Boisvert

Some people are all talk, and some people are all business. But if you’ve ever met one of those people who know how to connect, as well as get things done, then you’ve met someone like Jean Boisvert.

While Jean is fluently bilingual, he’s actually taken that ability and parlayed it into something quite unexpected. For example, Jean is equally comfortable under the hood of a car as he is in front of the computer screen. He is as focused on delivering highly responsive service as he is taking the time to make sure the detailed analysis is done first. He has enjoyed living abroad, and deeply appreciates Canada. Jean is flexible in his approach to things, and highly disciplined and organized in how he manages his business. He is fluent at much more than language and the result is that his clients truly get what they want: attentive, thoughtful, responsive advice.

Before becoming a financial security advisor in 2004, Jean had worked as a licensed mechanic for years, and then took a position at General Motors to provide advanced technical troubleshooting support. He then went on to be a shop foreman in Saudi Arabia at one of the largest dealerships in the world. But through all his experience, it’s been clear to Jean that people want straight answers and responsive service.

He’s learned through his own life, and by seeing the growth of clients, that with an open mind and the right attitude, you can accomplish almost anything.

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

613-224-8452 ext 225

Mike vincent

You can’t help but notice Mike’s sense of humour – it’s immediate, and it’s clever. And while he’s entertaining, he also has a mind that’s different from many others. You see, Mike is not your normal numbers guy.

Mike had originally intended on studying astrophysics in university, but when NASA shifted away from its space program in the late 1970’s, he decided to study mathematics and ended up moving into computing where he was responsible for some pioneering application development in the early 1980’s. So from large numbers to binary numbers, Mike then became a professional golfer and his obsession shifted to small numbers!

Mike has been self-employed since 1989 and when he chose to become a financial security advisor in 2004 he knew he’d be able to take his understanding of business and numbers, and make a real difference in people’s lives.

A true resource for clients, Mike is able to dig into the serious conversations while still bringing levity to the topic. He’s also one of those people who others come to see when they need something done. Mike has so many relationships with quality people that, whether you need a house built or a new floor, he knows who to call. And when it comes to planning one’s financial security, no call is required – Mike’s your guy.

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

613-224-8452 ext 267

Brandon Brisbois

Any large wealth client will tell you their biggest concerns are capital preservation and paying too much to the tax man. The mantra that it’s not about how much money you make, but how much money you keep couldn’t be more true. With Brandon’s extensive Canadian and U.S. tax background, you can rest assured his holistic planning will work to keep more money in your pockets and keep that money working for you.

Brandon grew up south of Ottawa in the Seaway Valley and attended McGill University in Montreal where he received his  Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting. While there, Brandon was hired to lead the investor relations for Canada’s first university-owned investment management firm, Desautel Capital Management, which oversaw 2M in assets at that time. 

Upon graduation, Brandon started work full-time for an accounting firm in San Francisco that specializes in cross-border and international taxation. He handled some of the most complex cases of U.S. tax reporting for clients from around the world. As a result, he is very familiar with U.S. reporting requirements affecting Canadians spending time south of the border. 

Brandon takes a holistic approach and will assess your full financial picture as it stands and evaluate your goals before preparing your financial plan and strategies for implementation. 

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

Seaway: 613-938-8452 ext 2              

Ottawa: 613-224-8452 ext 222            

Lisa Mikhael

Native of Ottawa, Lisa graduated from Ottawa University in 1991 with a Bachelor of English and Psychology. Following several years in marketing, she entered the financial services industry in 2000. Throughout her career, Lisa has taken on various roles; from Executive Assistant to Financial Planner to Consultant. Lisa’s desire to provide her clients with full planning services led her to earn her Certified Financial Planning designation in 2004.

Having worked with Kirk and MWFG in the past, Lisa was happy to join the team again as Associate Planner when the opportunity presented itself in November 2016. Lisa’s role involves working closely with Kirk to assist with the more complex tasks of financial planning and analyses for clients. She is also responsible for the preparation and follow-up of appointments to ensure that clients’ needs and goals are being met in a professional and timely manner. 

With over 16 years in the financial services industry, Lisa possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to provide a high level of planning expertise to Kirk and the Moore Wrinn Financial Team. Most importantly, Lisa strives to maintain a high level of commitment to exceptional customer service in her dealings with our valued clientele.

Associate Planner



Minda Weir

Insurance Processing Manager

Jackie Haughton

Insurance Processing Manager