What We Do

Business/Corporate Planning​

We take pride in being accessible, proactive, and process oriented with our clients. Our team of financial advisors includes those holding the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designations.

We work closely with our business owners to understand their unique needs and goals and provide them with a customized financial planning advice that will help them achieve financial success.

Our services include:

Investment Management

We help business owners create a customized investment plan to meet their specific goals and risk tolerance. This may include diversifying their portfolio across different asset classes and regularly monitoring and adjusting their investments as needed.

Group Insurance Benefits

Group insurance planning is a valuable service that can provide significant benefits to both employees and employers. We offer comprehensive group insurance plans including health, dental, life, disability, and long-term care coverage to ensure that your employees are protected in case of unexpected events while also providing cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of both the employer and the employees.

Group Pension and employee retention

We help businesses with group pension planning, offering services such as Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP) and Defined Benefit Pension Plan (DBPP) to meet the unique needs of your business and employees. We also assist with related pension plans such as RRSPs, DPSPs, and TFSAs and manage costs to ensure compliance with regulations. Contact us for secure retirement options for your employees and meeting pension plan obligations for your business.

Tax Planning

We assist business owners in minimizing their tax liability by identifying tax-efficient investment strategies and taking advantage of available tax credits and deductions.

Estate Planning

We assist business owners in developing a plan to transfer their wealth to their heirs in the most tax-efficient and orderly manner.

Risk Management

We help business owners identify and mitigate potential risks to their wealth, including those related to their business, such as key person risk and business interruption risk.

Philanthropic Planning

We assist business owners in identifying the causes they wish to support and creating a plan to maximize the impact of their charitable giving.

Business Succession Planning

We help business owners plan for the eventual transfer of ownership and control of their business to the next generation or to a third party.

Cash Flow Management

We help business owners optimize their cash flow by identifying sources of income and potential expenses and creating a budget to ensure that they have the funds they need to operate their business and meet their financial goals.

Family Planning

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive financial planning that includes insurance planning to ensure that families are protected against potential financial risks while working towards their financial goals. We tailor our advice to the specific needs and goals of each family and coordinate with other financial planning strategies to provide a cohesive plan.

Our services include:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We create a comprehensive financial plan that addresses all aspects of a family’s financial life, including setting short-term and long-term financial goals, creating a budget, and developing an investment plan.

Insurance Planning

We evaluate a family’s insurance needs and determine the appropriate types and amounts of insurance coverage to protect against risks such as loss of income, property damage or liability claims.

Customized Advice

We work closely with families to understand their unique needs and goals and provide customized financial planning advice that includes insurance planning to ensure they are protected against potential financial risks while working towards their financial goals.

Coordinating with Other Strategies

We assist families in understanding how different types of insurance can be used in conjunction with other financial planning strategies.

Policy Review

We assist families in understanding the details of their insurance policies, such as coverage limits, exclusions, and riders to ensure that the policies meet their needs and provide the coverage they expect. 

Our Process

1. Introduction

This step involves introducing our clients to the financial planning process, us as their financial advisors, and the firm. We will take the time to get to know our clients, their goals, and their financial situation.

2. Understand Situation

In this step, we will gather all relevant information about our clients’ financial situation, including their income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and insurance coverage. This information will help us gain a clear understanding of our clients’ current financial position.

3. Analyze Situation

With all the information gathered, we will then analyze our clients’ financial situation to identify any areas of strength, weakness, opportunities, or threats. This analysis will help us determine our clients’ overall financial health and their ability to reach their goals.

4. Recommend Solutions

Based on the analysis, we will recommend solutions to help our clients reach their financial goals. This may involve creating a budget, reducing debt, increasing savings, investing in mutual funds, or purchasing insurance.

5. Implement Plan

In this step, we will work with our clients to put the recommended solutions into action. This may involve opening new accounts, transferring funds, or making changes to existing accounts.

6. Regular Review

In this last step, we will schedule regular reviews with our clients to track progress, make adjustments as needed, and ensure that our clients remain on track to reach their financial goals. This will help our clients stay on top of their finances and make any necessary changes along the way.

Fee-Only Financial Plans

We have Fee-Only Financial Planning as an offering for clients that look to manage their investments on their own. Accordingly, we offer comprehensive and basic fee-only financial planning services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our clients pay us directly for our services and can choose from basic or comprehensive financial plans, depending on their financial goals and needs. 

We encourage our clients to discuss their financial plan options and costs with the advisor so that they have a clear understanding of the fees involved and can make an informed decision. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive and basic fee-only financial planning services.